Tuesday, 14 June 2011

the first post is the deepest

i lied. this isn't deep at all. just a test really, to see how it all looks. thought i'd write something about myself (wow, about myself - how original?) as a way of introducing myself (i've said 'myself' three times now!) before i get down to the whole craft sharing posts that the future promises.

so... hi, i'm jennie. i like sewing and shrinking jumpers and ironing plastic bags. i have some friends who also like to do crafty things and i contribute to our posterous blog - crafty muthas. please take a look when you get the chance. the megalomaniac me of the first paragraph is a recent thing. my youngest starts school in september and i need to either get a crappy job (i realise not all jobs are crappy but i'm a 40 year old ex-tv producer with no qualifications who hasn't worked for seven years so i don't think i have many non-crappy options) or have a real go at selling some of the stuff i make in a regular, profitable way. i'm choosing to go it alone in the big wide handmade world.

actually, at this point in time, i do work. as a child-minder. so at the moment i have a few hours a day to clean up, cook, wash, shop, and work on any little sewing or craft projects i have on the go before it's time to pick up the kiddies and the real fun starts. i manage to make quite a bit, with evenings as well. the crafty muthas have put together a couple of really cool craft fairs and also had a few stalls at various other events and i've sold quite a lot. it's just not nearly enough to make a living.

so it is with some apprehension that i look forward to july, when i give up child-minding and become a full-time...what? i don't know what to call it actually. what will i call myself? well, when the school holidays are over i'll hopefully have six whole hours a day to myself which will be more than enough time to ponder existential questions and i might actually make some stuff to put in my brand spanking new etsy/folksy shops. and everybody wants stuff don't they?

* note for future* i need to work on the language i use to describe what i make and do.

my plan could fall at the first hurdle if my partner doesn't have his contract renewed in the summer. we have lived from one short-term contract to another for so long now that i've become immune to worrying about our future but i'm still realistic and if the worst happens it'll be the job centre for me.

so there you have it. some background to who i am, where i'm at and why. this wasn't what i'd planned to write at all actually. i was going to tell you an amusing story from my day! well you can suffer that next time. and maybe the time after that 'll get a few pictures up and start talking about sewing.


  1. Love the pinterests! Mass order placed (actually may need another fairly soon - how quickly can you turn them around?) x

  2. for the lyric hoops - depends how many words - but two days is about usual. let me know tho asap so i can make sure i have materials. jenx

  3. I like the look of your Blog
    Very proactive! x

  4. darn work computers not letting me comment! It looks fab jen, as expected! Just needs a bit more bunting, some sequins, a bit more, well, a bit more colour really ;-) No, not really - it's spot on!

    As the proud recipient of one of the early hoops, I can say people should be beating down your door to get one. Craft on, you crazy mutha x

  5. thank you for your kind comments ladies. proactive and crazy - i like!