Wednesday, 15 June 2011

songs to sew to (1)

when i'm sewing i either like complete silence (a rare, rare thing in this house - seeing as my husband is actually noisier than my kids and they're quite loud) or i like to listen to familiar music. i'm not averse to something new, but if it's new to me i have to play it over and over again. this bright eyes track has been played many many times over the last few weeks. i liked their previous albums, they were more folky, but whenever this pops up it makes me sit up and listen. i know! it is 7 minutes long... there's a spoken preamble first, which is very soothing and then the music kicks in at about 2'30". love his voice. have no idea what he's banging on about. but love it.

so while i've been listening to firewall i've been making these little chaps. little summery owls from a donated jumper that had an accident in the wash. 

also this embroidered lyric hoop for my friend and crafty mutha, nat. we're off nightclubbing, eighties style, on saturday night to celebrate her birthday. she loves the stephen 'tintin' duffy song 'kiss me with your mouth' so i embroidered a suitable lyric from the song - she does give me lots of laughter, the hope comes with knowing someone honest and good and wanting them to be your friend for a long time, and while she's never given me a sock in the eye, i know if i pissed her off she probably would.

i sealed it with a kiss. just felt like an 80's thing to do.

the owls and more embroidered lyrics will all be popping up in my etsy/folksy shops soon. i'll let you know when. x


  1. Blog looks absolutely great Jennie - it really suits you....

    Nat's present is so cool, she's going to love it. Have a Pernod & black for me on Sat,

    Jo xx

  2. thanks jo - we had a great night - dancing with adam ant!