Wednesday, 6 July 2011


The grey clouds are gathering as I type. Teeming rain battered my insubstantial windows for most of the night. But a few days ago, when the sun was shining I took the opportunity to get out into the garden with my iron and an assortment of plastic bags.

Previously, when I've taken to ironing plastic bags, I've been worried about the deadly fumes I'm probably inhaling and then I always feel a bit giddy, like when I've had an over-long conversation on my mobile phone. Do you get that weird tic in the side of your head too? The fresh air was a definite improvement, but maybe I'll invest in a mask one day. Before I kill all of my brain cells.

The process is quite simple: take a hot iron, sandwich a plastic bag between two sheets of baking paper, iron until bag shrinks. It's trial and error as each bag shrinks in a different way, but you end up with an interestingly textured piece of material that you can use in a whole range of sewing projects.

Now the weather has taken a turn for the worse, I can happily sit inside, cutting out discs until I run out of plastic. Then I'll sew them together to make long, colourful, upcyled, decorative, dotty garlands. Feeling all eco-friendly and virtuous. And just a little bit light headed.


  1. Glad you ironed the bags outside this time....can't wait to see the finished garlands.

    Madeline x

  2. Your neighbours must think you're nuts!!! xxx

  3. especially as i was perched on a very small chair (remember "there's a very big man on a tiny chair on top of the plinth - he seems very scared!") ironing on a picnic blanket, resting on the back step. i looked nuts!