Friday, 8 July 2011

A garland, The Decemberists and two Carsons...

Well, we have another dreary summer day here in Bearwood. My favourite photographer and great friend Erin Power was going to shoot some new photos for my Folksy shop today, but the lack of good light meant that the plan was abandoned. So I got my sewing machine out to sew up a garland or two. I haven't used my machine in ages and it took me a long while to unearth the foot, buried in a knitting basket for some reason. I've made so many promises to myself about being tidy and organised but I doubt it will ever happen.

I made this garland from the plastic discs I wrote about in the last post. Made it about four metres long so it can be hung or draped around pretty much anywhere. I'm guessing because it's plastic it would even make an all-weather decoration for your garden. Though I've only used a standard thread to stitch it together.

I hung it in a window so you'd see the lovely transparency you get when some of the bags are fused. I personally think that a window is the best place for these little garlands for this reason. Light, even the smudgy light of an English summer, totally brings them to life.

While I made this garland, I was mostly listening to the fantastic album 'The King is Dead' by The Decemberists. I particularly love the song June Hymn and meant to tell you about it in June. Only a month late. I'm still not sure about internet etiquette on this sort of thing. The band's own youtube site only had a live video recording of the track, which is still amazing, but obviously not the same as the album version. But you're here, so I'm pretty sure you can find the album online somewhere and listen to it yourself.

Also I have to mention that the album cover was done by a great artist and blogger, Carson Ellis, who you should really check out. I think she's the lead singer's partner (I'm not stalking them, honestly). I stumbled across her blog the other day and loved her illustrations and then spied that she'd done this cover work, which I'd always admired. I find album artwork really inspiring generally and I've been wanting to share some of my favourite covers for a while. I'll try and get around to that soon.

While I'm talking about Carson, I'd love to think she was named after one of my favourite writers, Carson McCullers. McCullers herself had a fascinating and tragic life and the characters in my favourite book of her's, 'The Heart is a Lonely Hunter', are both extraordinary and totally real at the same time. Especially thirteen year old tom-boy Mick Kelly who is just so strong, but vulnerable, thoughtful yet instinctive and a total dreamer, out of necessity more than anything. I love her.

Okay, so maybe that was all too much information for you in one blog post. No? It's just how things seem to work for thing leads to another. I'm off on a tangent before I know it. But they're good tangents I hope. Not totally annoying. Not like those bad boys of geometry, equations. I'll never mention them, I promise.


  1. Sweet sweet post. Keep up the tangents... I love them :)
    Next week the sun will shine and we'll get those photos taken!

  2. I wish I could write like you!