Friday, 15 July 2011

I don't want to be...

the sort of blogger that just posts when they list things for sale in their shop. But here are four owls. You may recognise them from a recent film they starred in. I've listed them in my Folksy shop. They are the first of many. The vanguards. I won't blog about all of them but it feels important enough on this occasion to do so. I'm particularly fond of the one with the leather eye. And the blue cashmere one. The charcoal one is very nice. Hope the stripey one doesn't get a complex.

I'll also be selling owls, garlands and hoops at the 10th Annual Warley Woods Picnic in the Park on Sunday. That's this Sunday 17th July. The one where the weather forecast is heavy rain. All day. But hey, if we're there and you're in the area, put your wellies on and come say hello. I'll be on a stall with my lovely Crafty Muthas crew. Or should that be Soggy Muthas? Probably Sobbing Muthas if we have to put that bleedin' gazebo up in the wind and rain again. So send me positive vibes people. Make the sun shine.

1 comment:

  1. So love your owls, sending some special love to stripey (so she doesn't get a complex!). Hoping for fine weather on Sunday, don't want you to be the "Soggy Muthas".

    Madeline x