Saturday, 2 July 2011

Mock Off!

This is going to be a rambling, unfocussed mess of a post because my kids are staying with their granny and as soon as they are out of my sight my mind is filled with big ideas, small doubts, plans long forgotten, whimsical notions, lists of things to do and of course, a great big chunk of it is wondering what to have for tea.

The answer to that last one is easy actually - it'll be something egg-based. Probably a chilli omelette.

I wanted to show you the mockingbird embroidery but sadly, half way through, I decided it really wasn't working. I'm going to do it again, but differently. Once I stopped struggling with it I did have a bit of time to start thinking over new ideas. Now I feel I've got a few good ones and I've written them down in one of the many little books I write things down in. They'll get lost no doubt, in an unused bag or under a pile of craftiness, where they'll wait to be discovered in a few weeks or months. Actually, I emptied out a bag I found in the cupboard under the stairs this week. Stuffed with papers and lollipops, unused tampons and used wet wipes. The big wodge of receipts I found were dated 2009. Where is this going? Do you see what I mean? This is how I'm feeling at the moment. I've been way too unproductive and it's time to get back to properly making...

Gustave Caillebotte - Les Raboteurs de Parquet
But in lieu of making (because straight after my chilli omelette I'm heading down to the pub) I wanted to at least show you my favourite two pictures of people toiling hard. I have them on my bedroom wall and whenever I'm feeling overworked, which isn't very often I admit, I look at these solid, strong, respectable workers and feel glad that's not me. But when I'm feeling lazy and like I've been procrastinating too much, I look at them for inspiration. I'll be channelling floor scrapers and the lovely ironing lady all of next week.

Fernando Balbeuna - Planchadora

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  1. jen, I don't think I could look at the ironing lady too much, or the guilt would overwhelm me!
    hope much fun (and booze) was had last night - missed you guys, but lovely here x