Sunday, 24 July 2011

summer holidays

Antiques Roadshow has just finished, the kids have popped out with their dad, which means I have a few minutes to update this blog on my crafty exploits this week. But the computer is making that funny whirring noise it does sometimes, which coincides with it failing to upload photos.......wait.....there you go. I only had to quit itunes and wait ten minutes...

But it was worth it, don't you think, for this rather sweet photo of two owls and their little lady friends? (Thanks Erin)

This week I've been mostly making lyric hoops for my 'bezzie mate' Ms Jones but as they're birthday presents I can't show you them, just in case. Now the summer holidays have started my life is pretty much going to be about entertaining kids, feeding kids, listening to kids, shouting at kids, feeding them again..... It's pretty damn good truth be told. I love the summer holidays - well any holiday really - if it means I don't have to get up early and do the school run and if I also get a chance to spend happy days with my beautiful babes. Here they are...

Just. So. Gorgeous.

Some good news this week is that the lovely ladies at C.O.W Studio have asked me to run a couple of workshops in September/October so I'm going to be spending at least some time over the next few weeks thinking up fun things I can show people how to do. At the moment 'tortoise' is the best idea I've had. Seriously, just that one word. Tortoise. So, stick with me and see where that one goes. Or doesn't. And check out C.O.W. They're based in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter and they run loads of fab workshops all of the time.


  1. What cuties! (The owls and the kids!)

  2. Not only are you my first blog, but now I get my first mention in a blog. Do you think one day these comments will be turned into some kind of Sex and the City smash hit TV series????

  3. Thanks Cat. Hils, I don't think the world is ready for 'Sex and Smethwick' just yet.

  4. now that's a series I could seriously tune into! loving tortoise.....