Thursday, 4 August 2011

midges, here we come

So, we're very excited in our little house because we've booked our holiday. The six year old got to have his way, which in no way sets a precedent for our future holidays or anything else come to think of it. Six year old boys should not rule a household. I've heard it's teenage girls actually. So I'm safe for about another ten years at least.

Anyway, we are being very brave for city dwelling, city break loving types and we've gone and hired a very cute 1972 VW campervan called Fleur from a lovely company called Rainbow Camper Hire. I've even 'friended' Fleur on facebook. What is the world coming to? We are planning to tour around the west coast of Scotland, looking for eagles and eating fine Scottish fayre. We're currently going through the kit list to see if we need to bring any home comforts. My husband wants to take his laptop (!) but I'm considering some embroidery. Just a little worried about rain and mud and cooking smells ruining anything I do. Lots of plastic bags is the answer I think. Also I am very worried about the midges. I found this ace site online which I'll be checking constantly. If you have any tips on tackling/avoiding the little pests then please pass them on. 

Before the holiday I've got the six year old's birthday. In previous years we've had a Scooby Doo haunted house, an Ice-Age glacier and a sandcastle (we were in Cornwall). This year, it has been determined, is a Toy Story year. So I've just spent £16 on roll-out icing. That's a lot of money on sugar. My teeth hurt just thinking about it. I'll post a picture when it's done and before it's turned into the inevitable cake massacre/play scene for many, many tiny Toy Story characters.

Nothing craft wise to report today, but I'm hoping all of this outdoors time will give me lots of inspiration for future projects.


  1. Fleur looks very sweet and I'm sure she will make a great holiday home. No sensible tips on on keeping the midges at bay I'm afraid. Mosquito net umbrella type thing?

    Madeline x

  2. have got some avon spray left over that Kit didn't need in the end but swears by ;) will put it in with your birthday present! x

    Thanks for your lovely words on the CM blog xxxx

  3. Hi Jennie
    What a beautiful blog you have here. I too am absolutely compelled to create and make. Loving Crafty muthas shame it's only once a month.
    I hope the animal necklaces are still being enjoyed. Hopefully see you at Sutton vintage fair x

  4. Thank you for your post on my blog- love yours too. If you're anywhere near Applecross on your holiday there is a fantastic wool shop run by a couple who farm, shear, spin and weave their own sheep's wool. And the pub at Applecross sells fabulous seafood -have the 'prawns' (langoustines!)

    No midge advice- take up smoking?! Campfire?! I've been lucky on the W. coast and only been attacked once. Enjoy your trip in Fleur!