Thursday, 8 September 2011

everything changes

I don't have the words.  Well I do, I'm never short of something to say. But I don't have the right words today, to describe how I'm feeling. Sick, that's one. My stomach feels hollowed out like a big hollowed out thing. Confused, definitely, in a giddy, shuffling sort of way. Why? Well my oldest started his new junior school this morning and my youngest, well, she started school too. Oh no, you're thinking, not another bloody mum whingeing about her kids going off to school. Well, not really. I've stopped my afternoon child-minding so when I pick them up we'll have plenty of time together. I think it's more the 'what now?' And I sort of know the answer but that's what is really scary. This is my first official "make a go at this craft thing" day and I'm wondering whether I'm just completely nuts. We're skint, living in a house that's too small for us (I'm not complaining. We have a perfectly lovely house, but with a boy and a girl, a room each would be preferable), my husband's on temporary contracts and I'm attempting to live my dream by not signing up to the 9-5, refusing to work for 'the man'. Can I really make this work?  Who knows, but one thing is certain. I'll be blogging a whole lot more.

Of course, the summer holidays are over for us. We drove over a thousand miles and took just under a thousand photos so I have plenty to work with for that post which will be coming up very soon....but here's a quick taster!

Great news is that I've been accepted onto the Poppytalk Handmade online marketplace, which is just brilliant. There'll be more to follow on that too but in the meantime you really should check out their website

Also next week I'll be running a workshop with the lovely ladies from COW. If you fancy making a fused plastic garland or maybe a mobile then do book a place here. I'll be going through the whole process and you'll get to take away a crafty piece of loveliness like this.

The diary is also filling with craft fairs. I'll be having my first solo table here, on 25th September in Newcastle under Lyme. Hope some of you will be able to make it. We're also starting to plan the Crafty Muthas Christmas events, which I'll be shouting from the rooftops about nearer the time.

And of course I've got tons of making to do. I've been scribbling ideas down for months, repeating to myself that I'll have plenty of time come September. Well September has indeed come. And change is a good thing. Isn't it?


  1. Good Luck Jennie.I took the leap of faith with my business 11ys ago and have never looked back. Keep marketing and promoting yourself wherever you can...

  2. A new chapter and exciting times ahead for you and the family. I associate this time of year with new beginnings (perhaps because of the academic year) even though it's the year winding towards it's close.

    Well done on getting in to the Poppytalk marketplace. And I can't wait for the Crafty Muthas Christmas events!

  3. Best to you with your business!

    I'll be with you on Poppytalk. See you there. xoxo

  4. Go for it - one I thing I know about the Sandford/Collins household is that they follow their dreams! xxx

  5. carpe diem Jen - you'll be a great success and the Muthas are right behind you! x

  6. Jennie, if you ever want to host a give-away on my blog, give me a shout out, we Bearwood Mums have to support each other. :)

  7. thank you all so much for your wonderfully supportive and encouraging comments. this blog lark is very rewarding sometimes. and mel, i'll be in touch re the give-away. ta. jen xxx

  8. Good luck- damn 'the man.' Just been to loads of NEOS (north east open studios) events and it's so inspiring, all the crafty, arty folk out there in their living rooms, kitchens and sheds! And the crafting community is so strong and supportive. You'll be grand!