Tuesday, 4 October 2011

treasure this

'We are Home' illustration by Virginia Kraljevic

I did my first Esty Treasury last night. If you're a seller or customer on Etsy (an international online marketplace for all things handmade and vintage) you can spend many happy hours browsing through beautiful things to pop into a collection (Treasury) that you post on the site for others to look at. I can spend many happy hours browsing Etsy as it is, but particularly in Treasury world. People put together some really lovely assortments, taking the most beautiful, edgy, well photographed images, often within a theme, and giving them a lovely title. Before you know it you're imagining spending all your pennies on things from Industry and Nature or Mod Glam Halloween or Bible Verses on Canvas (maybe not!) I say 'imagining spending' because that's all I'm likely to do. Actual spending won't be happening until there's some actual earning. But I did spend some time last night putting the finishing touches to my own little treasury. Geometrics are big at the moment, but there's a slight folky twist on them too, which appeals to me. So, here it is....i wish geometry was like this at school.

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