Friday, 18 November 2011

Crafty Ranty

It's currently all happening over on the Crafty Muthas blog. I've been hanging out there for a week or two as we've all been posting about our makes for Saturday's Bearwood Handmade. Please take a look and of course, if you're local, I hope to see you there.

I've also been furiously sewing (I don't think that's even possible, embroidery being the most relaxing, calming thing ever) for a whole raft of upcoming craft fairs elsewhere. On Sunday, you'll find me in Newcastle under Lyme at Staffordshire Handmade again. 

So please, if you're celebrating Christmas this year and you're in need of gifts, buy handmade where you can and support local creatives instead of lining the pockets of greedy shareholders peddling tat. And don't even get me started on big companies totally destroying classic songs for cheesy Christmas ad campaigns....I'm getting furious now because I'm busy and stressed. Time for more sewing. All will be calm again by Saturday morning.  

1 comment:

  1. I can't wait to see your stall on Saturday and the Christmassy loveliness that I know will be waiting for me at Bearwood Handmade. I'm definitely buying handmade for Christmas!

    Madeline xx