Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Oh calamity!

Well, given the title of my last post, you'd be forgiven for thinking that I had been on strike for the last week or two. I have, of course, been amazingly busy and, er...lazy in equal measure. The two Bearwood Handmade fairs, that I had a share in organising, were out of this world successful. I'm in awe of the supportiveness of my local community, who once again came out in force. There were some fabulous artists selling their wares too and I'd like to thank everyone who was involved with both days for being tremendous. When not organising Bearwood Handmade or making owls and embroideries to sell, I've been thinking about Christmas, but sadly not making much progress. I've barely made anything, not even a card and now catastrophe has struck. Ok, it's not that bad. Well actually, it is. Our main computer has broken, we fear, for good, this time. And initially I'm all, hey ho, never mind, we can cope without a computer. BUT...I'm supposed to be running an online business here (and blogging about it). I've more or less sold everything listed in my Folksy/Etsy shop which is great. But now I probably won't be listing anything anytime soon. I'm typing from a borrowed IPad, which has several limitations. Notice the lack of photo here. I've lost a lot of photos. Everything is so difficult and frustrating. Plus, the music has gone. I mean, most of it (like the photos I think) was backed up on a hard drive about six months ago (back up regularly people) but it's no good to me there. I can't just select a good tune to suit my mood and hit the iTunes genius button and have a perfect soundtrack to my day. To add insult to injury the CD player is also on the verge of giving up for good. And what's really annoying is that these things aren't even old. The stereo system we bought when I was pregnant with my eldest, so about 7 years ago and the Mac is only 3 or 4 years old. I've got jars in my fridge older than that! So, basically I'm saying that for the immediate future till I work all the technology stuff out I' going to be a little quiet. I have no idea what the solution to this problem is...we cannot afford a new computer and the fault, we think, makes repair too expensive. It may mean the decision to get a job or carry on with my making/selling adventure is made for me. I might have to finally get a proper job and start earning some money. And that'll be easy with the economy in meltdown! This is possibly the most moany thing I've ever written and I hope I'll never have cause to write anything quite this moany again. For now, I'm going to wish you all a happy Christmas, along with good health and long lives, and get back to enjoying this most festive of seasons in the best way I can. The chocolate gingerbread is just out of the oven, we're collecting our tree this afternoon, I have cards and presents to make and my lovely family to cook a nice warming dinner for this evening. Who needs a fucking computer.