Sunday, 15 January 2012

A parcel of penguins

Addicted! This collective noun thing could run and run, I'll warn you now. So this one...a parcel of penguins, is a pretty obscure one but I do so love penguins. Birds with attitude. Did this before we trotted off to our local RSPB site in Sandwell. Alas, no penguins spotted but we did see gorgeous robins and a quite a few wigeons. Wonder what a collection of wigeons is called?
By the way, I was sick of trying and failing to blog through my browser so I've switched to an app called blogsy (I think) which is specifically geared to iPads. So this is yet another trial. Here, are you receiving me?

Saturday, 14 January 2012

A Loveliness Of Ladybirds

A Loveliness Of Ladybirds 2 by jennie from your block
A Loveliness Of Ladybirds 2, a photo by jennie from your block on Flickr.

Okay, I'm out of my comfort zone so stay with me. I've been inspired by the great David Hockney and decided to embrace this IPad. The New Year has not brought a solution to my computer problems but I've got myself the Brushes app and decided to use this sleek little tablet to it's strengths. I've been wanting to do some work around collective animal nouns for ages, to the point where I was risking becoming bored with the idea. So, with kids chilling with the TV and sticker books this morning I've completed my first little sketch. Ladybirds are indeed lovely, but they do have a tendency to pee all over your hand! I'm thinking I'll make an embroidery out of it and also a few prints or cards. What do you think?