Saturday, 11 February 2012

Blooming leather

I'm slowly starting to prepare for the next Bearwood Handmade, which is fast approaching, and I'm going back to basics to ease myself into making again gently. I've been pretty slack since Christmas really, having worn my skinny little fingers out on some fantastic commissions. January was bleak and cold as always and I find sewing really hard in freezing temperatures when warm blood struggles to reach your extremities. But now with a deadline, 10th March if you fancy coming, I'm itching to get stitching. 
Way back when I first started getting into sewing, it was a little pattern in a magazine for fabric corsages that got me really addicted. I made many, many of these sweet corsages, for fairs and gifts, using felted wool and sometimes denim and then I just stopped. But after I recently spent a couple of days sorting out my fabric stash, I unearthed a whole bag of leather remnants (a donated pair of trousers from a friend and an earlier decade and some tailor's off-cuts) and decided to whip up a few of these lovelies.
For me, they're the perfect sort of accessory. Understated, not showy or sparkly. They go with black or brown, which covers about three quarters of my wardrobe and both pairs of boots! I feel like I'm making an effort. And leather will always be a luxury. I spent a very pleasant day making them, wrapped in a blanket, good tunes playing, drinking buckets of coffee and only stabbing myself a few times. Leather can be a pain to stitch. I've heard you can get proper needles with a triangular point specifically for the task but I wouldn't know a triangular point if it pricked me in the eye and I reckon it'd be just as painful as the one I used.  
Oh, Erin Power did a lovely job on the flyer again, don't you think? So happy to be sharing a table with her again too.