Thursday, 1 March 2012


Wow, today I feel like I'm getting old.....and losing my cool. Not that I've ever had much. Very late night, last night. Planning meeting with the Crafty Muthas that went on longer than planned (you'd have thought we could have addressed at least one agenda item seriously!) and then home to the husband who was waiting to watch Masterchef with me. Til one o'clock in the morning! On a school night! That and the two shots of marmalade vodka that Rachel plied me with means I'm feeling stupidly tired and incapable of most things. But, somehow, sewing tiny stitches is just about the perfect thing to do. Not mentally taxing at all but hard enough to keep me awake. Just. These little owls are destined for twigs. They'll perch in pairs and make sweet little mobiles.

In other news, I've been pounding the streets delivering flyers for the Bearwood Handmade fair this month. And I've also been taking part in a fun, local exercise.

Photographer Melanie Martin lives on my road and came up with '4 weeks shopping local in Bearwood' with a view to exploring her perceptions of our beleaguered high street and also to encourage people to shop locally and support independent traders in these tough times. I've joined her and it has proved to be great fun. I'm in the lucky position of 'working' from home so I can make time for shopping trips and I enjoy walking a bit every day. The only thing I don't like about sewing is the fact that you have to do it sitting down. Too much sitting. Anyway, Mel set up a Facebook page and there are a few of us posting about our experiences. To be honest, there aren't many reasons I'd actually choose to visit our high street. Apart from supporting local business and wanting to get out there and mix with people in my community, which is something I've always felt strongly about anyway, there isn't the quality or breadth of choice to satisfy me I'm afraid. I've used it in the past, regularly enough, for top up shops. But now I've found a butcher that I didn't even know existed. And he's a bloody good butcher. So he has at least one new regular.

The thing I'm really enjoying though, the thing that sort of suits my personality I suppose, is reading and writing the Facebook posts. Duh! I love the mundane. And especially the detail in the mundane. The minutiae of everyday life. It's all a bit Nicholson Baker. You can't talk to people in this sort of detail. You'd have no friends. But because this project needs information to make it worthwhile, I'm able to admit that I can quite happily spend ten minutes reading every label on the low-cal squash bottles, before moving on to a discussion about queueing behaviour in one particular store. I'm making it sound really sad aren't I? It's not. It's the most fun I've ever had on Facebook. Oh, okay, that sounds sad too. Just add it to the list. Old, uncool, sad....

I can't end on sad. So here's one more thing that has totally cheered me this week. A lovely blog post on Folksy's online magazine, Frankly. All about the Birmingham art and craft scene...and featuring me. Love it. Thanks guys.



  1. I so agree about the shopping experiment, it's so much fun.

  2. Love The Crufty Muthas stuff in that article - well done to everyone! But why no picture of you!!! xxx