Monday, 1 October 2012

Toasty and warm

That's the vibe I'm going for at this year's Bearwood Handmade Christmas fairs. We (Crafty Muthas) are organising two dates again, 24th November and 8th December and we'll be filling Bearwood's St Mary's Church Hall with talented makers and bakers. My table this year is going to be all about warmth, coziness and making you and your home nice and toasty this winter. I'm starting with patch worked draft excluders. Got some lovely recycled and scavenged bits of materials and I'm aiming for a slightly smaller, more stylish draft excluder.

Also, hot water bottle covers. With hot water bottles inside! Got very excited when my shipment of red, natural rubber bottles arrived last week. I'm using pure felted wool (upcycled jumpers) to make cosy covers for these. Everyone needs a hot water bottle. You can cut down on your heating costs and warm your toes wherever you are. Although I like to put mine on my belly. Where do you put yours?


  1. Nothing beats a hot water bottle. Put me down for one of those Jennie!

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