Thursday, 25 April 2013

Belated Updated

Life is so busy at the moment, but as the sun streams through my window on this bright Spring morning I thought I'd take a minute to update this old blog with some new photos.

The hoops were made to commission for local peeps who obviously love our little community.

My tea cosies were a big hit at the Bearwood Handmade spring fair back in March. I had great fun as always making the pompoms.
These little fellas sold well too. Who couldn't love a smiley little cloud with a rainbow of raindrops?
And owls. Always owls.
I have some work to do if I'm to be ready for our summer Bearwood Handmade event, coming up on 22nd June. As well as the sewing, there's the flyers to get printed and delivered. I'm just hoping the sun keeps shining and the good people of Bearwood and beyond keep coming.