Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Moving On

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I've written before about my struggle with the concept of 'work'. I brazenly wrote about never wanting a proper job in the 'about me' section of this blog. I so wanted to make a go of my crafting. So wanted to spend my life just making and blogging (and selling). When I started this blog my son was 6 years old. I've had a pretty good time of it. I've done a lot of making and continued to write (not as often as I should have) and carried on engaging with the ever growing craft community at a local level and of course all over the internet. I've made a lot of friends. But my son is now 9, my daughter is just about to enter her 3rd year of school. And me? Well I have only gone and got a job.

And what a job. The last couple of years I've kept an eye out and been open to the idea of joining the world of work again. In the last year, between the making and mothering, I have found time for the Bearwood Pantry. This takes up a lot of energy but I'm reluctant to ease off as we still have big plans for our food cooperative and I really couldn't go back to supermarket shopping now anyway. But my family is growing and we need an income boost if we're to ever get the extra living space we need. So when a young internet start-up company called Hobzy advertised not just a job that would suit me, but my actual perfect job, I obviously jumped at the chance to apply. I started last week, and I'll be writing blog posts, engaging with users of the site and running events and workshops part-time. And it will all be focussed on craft! See how perfect that is?

And what's Hobzy you say? Well, it's a content (you know - tutorials, videos, photos, tips etc.) network built all around hobbies and craft interests where users can find ideas and inspiration, share projects, exchange feedback and sell their makes in one place, in a simple way. It's early days for me and Hobzy but I'm hopeful that things are going to go from strength to strength. I'm really looking forward to this new challenge. I have a million ideas rushing around my poor little brain. My colleagues are extremely nice and my workplace is both familiar and awesome (I worked in the same place way back in the nineties!) But the flexibility means I'll still be there for my kids. I'll still be able to make what I love to make.  And I'll still be here for this blog.

See you soon.

We have an awesome blog at Hobzy too so why not check that out here.

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