Thursday, 24 April 2014

"On Wednesdays we wear pink"

Little bitty blog post as the kids are still on Easter hols and there's not a lot of time for anything! I did manage to fit in a quick commission this week though. A returning customer after another hoop featuring a Mean Girls quote. I had never seen the film, in fact I thought it was a TV series, but all that got fixed last night. I watched it online and thoroughly enjoyed the silly high school bitch fest. Nothing particularly original but a nice way to wind down after a busy day, while scoffing the kids chocolate. Shhh, don't tell. 

on wednesdays we wear pink embroidered hoop mean girls
Work has been busy, reaching out to lots of makers for our new site, Handmake Me. We're looking for makers of high quality bespoke, customisable products. It's taking a while but I'm meeting lots of new people, seeing lots of great products (and some really not so great) and enjoying the process. One of the things we're doing to raise our profile is hosting a twitter chat. #handmakemeet happens every Monday on twitter between 8-9pm. Please do join us, and tell your friends. It's a great way to meet like minded people and build your networks, whether you're looking for advice or just a bit of exposure.

handmake meet hashtag over picture of balloons

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Reading Lists 3

March was a very busy month and I found myself all too often staggering up the stairs to bed, very sleepily and unable to read a thing. These are the two books I managed to read - yes books - not Kindle offerings this time:

Margaret Atwood's Maddaddam was a big heavy hardback - how my poor weak wrists struggled with that. This signed first edition was lent to me by a friend (thanks Mel) and so I had the pressure of taking extra special care of it! The final episode of the trilogy was just as good as the previous two, and driven by strong female characters, which is always a bonus.

Roald Dahl's original writing hut re-housed in the museum

I bought Roald Dahls's Boy on a trip with the kids to his Museum and Story Centre  in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire. The museum is amazing. I recommend that everyone go. He was a story telling genius obviously, but the museum manages to capture the warmth and intelligence of the man, and really highlights what a unique individual he was. The book is him recounting some of his early, most vivid, memories. Truthfully, it was almost too much for me. So many thrashings and canings, the sheer wickedness of so many adults (teachers usually) from his frighteningly violent public school education. Having a son of the same age, an intelligent, thoughtful, imaginative son too, I couldn't help but imagine him coping with the same harshness and loneliness. Quite heart breaking.  

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Bearwood Handmade Spring

Framed piece by The Paper Rose Boutique

I had the most fantastic day on Saturday. Myself, Ceri, Christina, Erin, Nat, Jayne and Rachel aka the Crafty Muthas hosted Bearwood Handmade Spring. The turn out, even though we'd moved from our regular venue to a brand new building, was immense, and there was the usual happy atmosphere, a real community coming together.

Beautiful basket by Papier TrouvĂ© 
We had some new stall holders for this event, plus some of our favourite makers returning, and whilst I was run off my feet most of the day, helping Bearwood Pantry serve up foody treats, I did manage to get a few pics of some pretty.

Beautiful fragrances from Mommy Bear's Soy Wax Melts and Candles

Tactile loveliness from Felti
The work now begins on Bearwood Handmade Summer. June 7th will be here before I know it.