Saturday, 3 May 2014

Totally Wired - New adventures with wool and wire

wrapped wire hello over mantle piece

A bit of a departure for me. In a way. I'm trying something that doesn't involve stitching. I am still stitching. In fact I have a number of commissions to be getting on with and probably shouldn't be writing blog posts, but, well it's too dark for sewing now anyway.

I wrote something for the Hobzy blog not long ago, featuring some wrapped wire words. I'd seen a few on Pinterest and was really taken with them. Anyone who knows me knows I love words. I read loads of books, I love listening to singer songwriters, I incorporate words into my stitching, I can talk and talk, and so the idea of combining textiles and wire to form a big old word really appealed.

So time for another departure. I bought stuff! Loads of neon wool. And wire in different thicknesses. Perhaps this is what a mid life crisis feels like? Spending money? On bright colours? Me?

selection of neon wool and wire

I came up with ideas for a number of words to start wrapping, then asked friends for their ideas. And by the power of facebook, I've now got a massive list. First up, I chose 'Word'. I used a medium thick wire and clumsily shaped it. Then started wrapping the yarn round and round and round. Used a blob of glue to start with, then got a bit tied up in knots, tried to undo it, twisted the wire a little too much, and snapped off the bleedin' W.

neon wool and broken wire

For my second attempt I used a thicker wire and tried wrapping it a bit first, before shaping. Continuing on in this way, I ended up with a pretty good 'hello'. Not perfect, and I still got myself into a mess a few times, but not bad. Only took most of the morning. But I've learnt a few lessons. You'll have to watch this space to see how I progress. I'm hoping to have a whole heap made for the next Bearwood Handmade event on 7th June.

wire wrapped wire spelling hello


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