Friday, 4 July 2014

Sewing For My Supper

I am still struggling to find time for crafting in between my work at Hobzy, looking after a growing family, the food co-op I'm involved with and organising craft fairs with the Crafty Muthas. I didn't manage to have a stall at either Bearwood Handmade event this year, although I did spend both days in the kitchen, serving tea and refreshments to the hundreds of visitors - which was equally fun and tiring!

I assuaged my guilt at not making enough to have a stall by taking on a few commissions, though as I write, one remains unstarted! There's that guilt again ;) One of my oldest friends asked me to make a gift for a new baby. "A hoop with embroidery - you did a treehouse last time" were the instructions. So that got me thinking - I needed a new design. I came up with bunting. Not very original, granted, but I was happy with the finished piece. Might even put this in my shop so that people can commission their own.


  1. Completely brilliant. I love it x

  2. absolutely bloody love that Jen! Gorgeous textures and I love the ribbon ties too x