Sunday, 27 July 2014

The only words I have at the moment

I was in my garden a couple of days ago, enjoying the sunshine. Out of the corner of my eye I spied a tiny caterpillar wriggling in a spider's web. The spider was about four times the size of this baby creature. The young caterpillar was fighting for its life. I had to admire its struggle. The spider was in no rush to finish the job. It knew its carefully constructed web had trapped its victim and was happy to watch on while the brave little caterpillar tried to escape. Cornered and exhausted, we all knew the mighty spider would eventually overpower its prey.

Meanwhile on the radio, a reporter was describing the devastation currently being reigned on Gaza. I couldn't ignore the blindingly obvious analogy. The drama being played out in my garden was happening on a much bigger, human scale on the small strip of land where too much blood has already been shed. I'm sickened, outraged, appalled and angry about what the Israeli Government are doing to the innocent people of Palestine. I feel totally powerless to help. I'm just watching from my comfortable home, listening to the murder of thousands from my sunny garden, going about my daily routines; cooking food for my family, getting drunk with friends, liking pretty things on Pinterest and Facebook and Instagram, worrying about the fate of one small multi-legged creature. I feel so guilty. I feel like I never want to post another link about a craft fair or the health benefits of organic food, 'like' another upbeat status, share pictures of the fun I'm having, while people's homes are being destroyed, hospitals are being bombed, arrogant leaders are spouting nonsense about their right to defend themselves. I feel impotent and powerless. What can I do to help? The very least I can do is use my blog to help spread the message about this terrible situation and encourage others to do the same.

I'd been watching the spider and caterpillar play out their own battle for about five minutes when somehow the caterpillar managed to wiggle free of its webby prison and I gasped as it fell to the ground. Me and the spider could only watch as the exhausted creature crawled away to freedom. It would be crass of me to continue this analogy when human beings are dying. But I, for one, am supporting the people of Palestine in their struggle.

Here's a first hand account of the atrocity happening in Gaza, well informed, intelligent and moving, something worth reading and watching from the British journalist Jon Snow.

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