about me

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Jennie. I'm a wife to a wonderful and supportive husband (though as I write he's fallen asleep over his laptop, football on, many beers consumed) and the mother of two beautiful and wise children aged 7 and 9, who keep me busy and incredibly happy. We live in a two-bedroomed Victorian terrace in Bearwood, on the edge of Birmingham, in the West Midlands. 

When my daughter started school I decided to laugh in the face of debt and destitution and take some time to be creative with a view to selling my wares online and at craft fairs. I've reached that decision for a couple of reasons: since giving up a job in TV when I had my son, I've needed a creative outlet. Because I gave up my job, money has been really tight and I've needed to make-do, mend and create my way through the last ten years. I've ended up selling bits and pieces that I made. They were well received, so I wanted to see if I could build an actual business that could provide a small income. I'm not quite there yet.

jennie sandford at craft fair bearwood handmade

Sometime in the last few years I met some wonderful, funny, mad women, who also like crafting. We started to get together regularly for crafting evenings and eventually we set up the Crafty Muthas blog and The Bearwood Tapestry, a monthly social. We've also organised a number of really successful, local, handmade fairs under the banner of Bearwood Handmade.

More recently I've landed a part-time job with Hobzy, who produce and develop a network of web and mobile applications that help people get the most of their handmade hobby. It's the perfect job for me.

I've loved contributing to the Crafty Muthas blog and Hobzy's various blogs and social media networks, but I'm more inclined to keep it strictly crafty and hold back a little on my feelings and thoughts because I'm representing us, not me. This blog will be a little different I imagine because it is just me. But perhaps I'll have nothing to say...ha, like that's gonna happen.

My aim is to make an ever changing range of original, handmade pieces using upcycled textiles and vintage whatnots. I'll write about the process and post pictures on this blog and also put up stuff that I find inspiring or admirable, mention music I like, books I'm reading - you know how it works. I do hope you can join me.